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Heaslett Sales Inc., as the nation's leading Raypak representative for the past decade, stands at the forefront of commercial HVAC solutions. Our establishment in 1966 began an ongoing commitment to providing superior hot water and HVAC system management service. Our team, wielding a combined experience exceeding a century, excels in implementing, maintaining, and optimizing Raypak systems and broader HVAC and plumbing infrastructures. We transcend the traditional boundaries of sales and distribution. We are your technical consultants, leveraging our deep-seated engineering proficiency to create tailor-made, efficient solutions for your property.
Strategically located within the epicenter of San Diego, our accessibility is as central as our approach to client service. Whether for routine maintenance, complex system overhauls, or specialized part replacements, our proximity facilitates swift response and comprehensive support. We are committed to maintaining a consistently warm environment in your living or workspace—partner with Heaslett Sales Inc for solutions rooted in technical excellence and a customer-centric ethos.

Brands We Carry

Our vast portfolio comprises the representation and distribution of industry-leading brands. We are distributors or manufacturer representatives for Raypak, Patterson, Elbi, Niles, Hanson, Tjernlund, Z-Flex, Heat-Fab, and Centrotherm. Our partnership with top-trusted manufacturers ensures you're always equipped with the best commercial boilers, water heaters, commercial HVAC pumps, hydronic specialties, custom storage tanks, exhaust fans, and special vents.

Our mission? To exceed your expectations in every interaction and provide solutions seamlessly integrating into your projects. We're committed to making your journey from quote to completion as smooth as possible, ensuring you receive the best industry knowledge, products, and aftercare services.

Sectors We Support

Specializing in sectors like housing, hospitality, entertainment, office building, life science, education, manufacturing, military and government, our extensive experience in commercial HVAC systems unique to San Diego makes us the go-to partner for your heating needs. Whether for new construction projects, retrofits, or part replacements, our experts are here to provide unparalleled guidance and reliable services.

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